Frequently Asked Questions

When do teams know the factors of Macro Business Economy on competition?

The factors of Macro Business Economy on competition will be posted on the website on May 24 (Mon).

What is the time limit for case preparation on the day of competition?

Teams are given 30 minutes to complete each round of business decision. Presentation file shall only be used provided the team can progress to Grand Final. Team can decide if the presentation file is needed or not prior to the competition.

What is the role of the coach?

Six universal workshops will be provided to the all participating teams via online of which team can learn how to access the academic learning platform works on business management with comprehensive financial reports that will deliver tangible results and aligned with the business school learning objective, students can grant the knowledge how key business decisions impact the financial, operational and market performance of a business.

Is there a dress code for the competition?

The dress code must be in business attire.

Do teams need to attend the final award ceremony if they do not place in the top ten?

No. teams are not required to attend the final award ceremony if they do not place in top ten. participants must attend final award ceremony unless they have applied in writing and received approval for special leave. Certificates of Participation will be awarded to all participants at the final award ceremony.

What is needed to prepare before the eBusiness Simulation Case competition?

The presentation must be conducted in English. Only the top 10 highest score teams from Ecase competition can be shortlisted to the presentation stage that the sequence of the presentation is subject to the eballoting right after the announcement of the Ecase competition result.15 minutes break will be given to the teams in preparing their material and debrief of their business strategy. Each team will have a strictly enforced maximum of 5 minutes to make its case presentation, followed by 5 minutes question-and-answer session. All team members are required to participate at least once in the presentation.

What prizes are offered?

Undergraduates Tier
Championship prize: HK$8,000.00
First runner-up prize: HK$5,000.00
Second runner-up prize: HK$2,000.00

Are there any breakout via zoom?

Breakout room will not be provided. Instead students can have their group discussion via social medial such as whatsapp, wechat, skype etc.